The Kelly Cahill UFO Encounter and the Demonic Hypothesis Part Two

Malcolm Nicholson

In Part One I looked at Pentecostal Christian Kelly Cahill’s account of her 1993 UFO encounter in Victoria, Australia, which she described in her out-of-print 1996 book Encounter.

As I have discussed here, here and here, I believe UFO abductions are demonic in nature, they are demons affecting the minds of people so they think they are being abducted by aliens. Support for the demonic hypothesis can be found in cases of UFO abductions being stopped by the abductees calling on the name of Jesus. This makes sense if the abduction phenomenon is demonic, but not if they really are alien visitors. First-hand accounts of calling on the name of Jesus can be found at Alien Resistance, the book Unholy Communion by David Ruffino and Joseph Jordan (Defender Publishing, Missouri, 2010) and the documentary Alien Intrusion.

As mentioned in Part One, Kelly thought the beings…

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