Book Write-Up: Jesus in the Secular World, by Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce.  Jesus in the Secular World: Reaching a Culture in Crisis.  Steiger, 2018.  The book releases on October 1 and is not yet on Amazon, but go here for the group’s web site.

This book is about the importance of Christian evangelism in a secular world.  Its author, Ben Pierce, offers a profile of secularization, which includes a belief that religion is irrelevant as well as relativism.  He states that Christians should have a heart like that of Jesus for the lost, and that they can gain this heart through prayer.  The book stresses the importance of listening to people, as people crave to be heard and to be loved.  According to Pierce, apologetics can be useful in that they can help remove barriers that people have to believing.  Pierce also contends that the Gospel can be presented accurately but without church jargon that non-Christians may not understand; he offers a sample Gospel presentation that illustrates this.  Finally, he urges Christians to boldly share the Gospel with people, even if it will lead to their rejection, for God did not call Christians to be comfortable but to change the world.

Throughout the book, there are personal stories that illustrate Pierce’s points.  Pierce is part of a Christian band and has preached the Gospel to numerous audiences, even in countries that tend to frown on the Gospel.  The power of prayer and of the Gospel message comes out in his stories, which concern changed lives and hearts.

I had some disagreements with Pierce, as with his dismissal of evolution.  Still, the book was enjoyable to read.  Pierce is a thoughtful writer.  The stories enhance the book, as do Pierce’s references to his family.  For some, his advice may be easier said than done.  Many non-Christians may not want religion to be shoved down their throat, but, overall, the book balanced the boldness out with an exhortation to love and to listen.  Moreover, the book can perhaps encourage Christians to pray, to love, and to share the transforming Gospel a little more than they do.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.  My review is honest.

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