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You are the Salt of the Earth – Matthew 5:15

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
“Salt, city, and light can be used for almost anything, and the history of interpretation shows that this indeed is what has happened” (Luz, Matthew 1-7, 205). The second section of the Sermon makes two…

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Can We Predict When Venezuela’s Statist Nightmare Will End?

Originally posted on International Liberty:
Ever since 2010, I’ve been pointing out that Venezuela is a horrifying and tragic example of what happens when the private sector in a country is almost completely suffocated by excessive government. And with the…

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Aquinas and Divine Freedom: To Know the Divine Essence is to Know the Cosmos

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
If God is eternal, immutable, and incomposite, how is it that his creation of the cosmos is not a necessary, and thus unfree, act? We have raised this question in two earlier postings on St…

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Allison-the truth of the imagination

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
If there is a new and better life after this one, that changes our attitude toward the present. Many argue that such a belief undermines our concern about this world. Concerns about society and posterity that…

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Augustine, Barth, Time, Eternity, Timelessness, Grace, Election, Human Agency: Small Matters — The Evangelical Calvinist

If God is outside of time, if God creates time as Augustine and the tradition contends—to one degree or another—then it would follow that some form of determinism is the way that God must relate to the world. That he … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Middle Knowledge, by John D. Laing

John D. Laing.  Middle Knowledge: Human Freedom in Divine Sovereignty.  Kregel Academic, 2018.  See here to purchase the book. John D. Laing has a doctorate from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He teaches systematic theology and philosophy at the Houston campus … Continue reading

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