Allison-the movie we watch at the time of death


The Near Death Experience (NDE) has been the subject of many popular books. Usually the books claim that these experiences give us knowledge about what awaits after death. There are counter claims that these experiences are totally subjective.

In Night Comes Dale Allison makes a different kind of claim about the NDE. He is agnostic about whether these experiences are subjective or God-given. But he notes a very interesting and common feature of people’s reports. They report the “life review”, their lives passing before their eyes in a rapid visual replay. These reports come from many people over many centuries (even millennia) and many cultures. They report that in the face of probable death people call up the memories of their lives and that these memories include events that they had repressed or not remembered before the NDE.

In other words, the nearness of death seems to trigger a remarkable…

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