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When You Can’t See Behind the Door

Originally posted on Brandon J. Adams:
My Bible this weekend has been opened to Psalms 127-132 page, and 131 caught my eye, standing out by being shorter than its surrounders: Lord, my heart is not proud; my eyes are not…

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Fahrenheit 11/9 — Clarissa’s Blog

I just discovered that Michael Moore released a new movie. I can only hope somebody decides to run it in my area, although I’m not very hopeful. We only ever get stupid infantilizing cartoons and that sort of crap. The … Continue reading

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Mesopotamian Monday: Coronation Prayer of Assurbanipal (2/2)

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
Part 2: When the Scripts are Enacted *This week, Mesopotamian Monday is divided into two parts. In order to fully understand Part 2, click here to first read Part 1.  When scripts are embodied…

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Semper Reformanda-Always Reforming Regulated by the Eschatological Life of God For Us In Jesus Christ — The Evangelical Calvinist

See, I don’t agree with much of David Congdon’s conclusions (as he has continued to develop personally-dogmatically), but I do agree with him on the Christian reality being an eschatological reality and what that ought to do to the theological … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: Stressed Moses, Three Mountains

I went to the Pen Church and the LCMS church last Sunday. A.  The pastor at the Pen Church started a new series on stress.  His text was Exodus 18.  Moses is stressed out over judging the people of Israel’s … Continue reading

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