Non-supernaturalism vs. naturalism

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Most of us in Western society have heard of the term ‘naturalism’. Metaphysical naturalism is the position that the only entities that exist are natural entities, and anything that is mental depends on the physical. Supernaturalism, however, gives priority to the mental, and anything that is physical is dependent on the mental.

Non-supernaturalism is the rejection of supernaturalism (I suppose we could also call this position asupernaturalism). One can also go further and disbelieve in the existence of the supernatural. Non-supernaturalism is a disjunction of positions and naturalism is just one position Thus while naturalism entails the former, the former does not entail the latter. The other world views are what Paul Draper labels ‘otherism’, which includes things like pansychism, etc.

Therefore in order to show that supernaturalism is probably true, it isn’t enough to show that naturalism is false or probably false. Not to mention, most of the people…

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