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My mother lives in Montreal. She’s been feeling very sick this past week. Excruciating pain. The doctor can’t see her until September 21, though. So she’s left to self-medicate, which she is doing without a great degree of success.

This is not an exception. It’s always like this. This what the “free” Canadian healthcare looks like.

In the meanwhile, I can see my doctor in under 30 minutes.

My effective tax rate is 18%. My sister’s in Canada is 48%. My father is retired but he works more than I do because it’s impossible to live on retirement. What do you think he’s doing today, on Labor Day? Working.

So excuse me for not wanting to live in a system where I have to shell out 48% in taxes for the wonderful privilege of maybe being able to see a doctor a month into an illness. And then wait two…

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