Book Review: A Student’s Guide To Economics

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Edge Induced Cohesion

A Student’s Guide To Economics, by Paul Heyne

I found this book to be greatly enjoyable to read, and I feel so charitably towards it that I will not even ding the book too harshly for having an afterword by someone whom I have no respect for as a thinker and writer, the grossly overrated Thomas DiLorenzo [1].  Even so, this is a book that deserves to be taken on its own merits, and even the afterword is worthwhile because it focuses on the late author himself and not on the regrettably poor scholar who wrote the afterword.  To make me feel even somewhat charitable about DiLorenzo, this book had to be a remarkably good one on the subject of economics [2].  If it could have mentioned Bastiat, it would have been an even better book, but at just over 50 pages, it is a good enough book for its…

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