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Democrats Pritzker in Illinois and McCaskill in Missouri have both taken the route of defensive political ads. I believe this is a big mistake, especially in Pritzker’s case. Nobody who isn’t a total egghead knows him. And then he goes on TV and opens with, “There have been articles saying that I’m an XYZ bad person who wants to do ABC bad things.” I, for one, have been unaware of such articles and would have remained blissfully ignorant of them had Pritzker not chosen to lay out money to inform me of them.

McCaskill does the same thing. “You’ve probably seen the ads accusing me of corruption. Factcheck.com says it’s not true and I’m not corrupt.” This way those who haven’t heard she’s being accused of corruption have been informed by McCaskill herself. And she didn’t even bother to contest the accusations! Voters are supposed to go to factcheck.com to…

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