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European Holocaust had roots in Africa, now Namibia is suing Germany — OffGuardian

Reblogging for future reference: In Africa, Namibian history is no secret. Nothing is taboo. This is what is common knowledge in Windhoek or in Cape Town in neighboring South Africa: The Germans drove into the desert, and then exterminated, over … Continue reading

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The Sermon on the Mount and Going Beyond the Law

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
The Sermon on the Mount is very much a Jewish style collection and there are some parallels between Jesus’ teaching and discussions of the Law found in the Mishnah.  For example, exchanging coins for tithes…

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Class-Warfare Taxes Are Most Harmful to Prosperity

Originally posted on International Liberty:
When I write about the economics of fiscal policy and need to give people an easy-to-understand explanation on how government spending affects growth, I share my four-part video series. But. other than a much-too-short primer…

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The Shining Path

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
Even the word “socialism” seems to turn people who use it into rambling idiots: The libertarian sees the market as synonymous with freedom. But socialists hear “the market” and think of the anxious parent,…

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