Some New Arguments for the Principle of Sufficient Reason?

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The Principle of Sufficient Reason (or PSR) states that everything that exists has an explanation for its existence. As Sean Carroll points out, “The PSR is kind of like that bumper sticker that says ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ “.

Defending the truth of the PSR has not been easy for those that endorse it. Trying to defend it empirically leaves obvious problems on the table. Trying to justify it a priori hasn’t been easy either. For one, there doesn’t seem to be any contradiction in denying the PSR. Thus, the defender of PSR would have to show there is a contradiction. Secondly, appealing to intuitions shouldn’t be very convincing (if that’s the route one takes).

Recently, however, I have heard a sort of new argument for the PSR. I first read about it in Ed Feser’s recent book on God’s existence, but I then just heard it on a…

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