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Understanding How We Come to Know God: Through The Being of God in Christ For Us; Or Through Human Being Come to God By Created and Uncreated Grace? — The Evangelical Calvinist

How do we know God? There are traditions for answering that very question; I follow a particular tradition in contrast to another prominent tradition. This post will explore this question by providing some lengthy description of its unfolding in 20th … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up:Cryptic, by Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka.  Shards of a Shattered Mirror, Book 1: Cryptic.  VBW Publishing, 2017.  See here to buy the book. This book is a combination of science fiction and fantasy.  It is science fiction in that it is set in the … Continue reading

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Written in 2017, Relevant in 2018 and Beyond

Originally posted on 34justice:
With the year drawing to a close, and because I like lists, I wanted to highlight the ten pieces I wrote in 2017 that I believe remain most relevant for 2018 and beyond. #10: The Trump…

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