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Schumpeter, Smith, and **The Wealth of Nations**

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Originally posted on Human Action and God:
One of my favorite writers once said of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, “Tocqueville’s book has so much good sense in it that it seems almost meanspirited to raise a complaint. But since…


Exorcising the ghosts of fundamentalism

Originally posted on Thinking Pacifism:
Ted Grimsrud—February 27, 2017 It is common in my circles of friends and acquaintances to encounter people who are former fundamentalist or evangelical Christians and who now distance themselves from that past faith perspective. Often,…

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An interesting book on divine violence

Originally posted on Thinking Pacifism:
Ted Grimsrud—August 16, 2018 What follows is a review I have written responding to a recent book on the ways Christian theologians have responded to the issue of divine violence in the Old Testament. This…

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