Some more thoughts on the argument from contingency

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This past Saturday, the Unbelievable? podcast hosted a debate between Cosmic Skeptic and Cameron Bertuzzi on the subject of the argument from contingency (for God’s existence) [1]. That got me to thinking about writing another post on the argument, and this post is just going to list and discuss just some of the problems I find with the cosmological argument from contingency.

Outline of the Argument

  1. A contingent being (a being such that if it exists, it could have not-existed or could cease to exist) exists.
  2. This contingent being has a cause of or explanation for its existence.
  3. The cause of or explanation for its existence is something other than the contingent being itself.
  4. What causes or explains the existence of this contingent being must either be solely other contingent beings or include a non-contingent (necessary) being.
  5. Contingent beings alone cannot provide a completely adequate causal account or explanation for the…

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