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David M. Carr: Beyond Original Sin: Genesis on the Emergence of True Adulthood

Originally posted on Biblical Studies Online:
On April 5, 2018, Professor David M. Carr (Union Theological Seminary) delivered the final lecture in the 2017-18 Killeen Chair of Theology and Philosophy lecture series, at St. Norbert College. David M. Carr, Ph.D., professor of…

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The Future of NATO: An Interview

Originally posted on Global Justice in the 21st Century:
The Future of NATO: An Interview with Daniel Falcone   [Prefatory Note: An interview with Daniel Falcone on the future of NATO that considers Trump’s brazen challenges and the tepid responses…

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Sorrow for Sin — SaintlySages

Padre Quadrupani teaches that, since contrition is an act of the will, “sighs, tears, sensible sorrow are not necessary elements of true contrition.” Nevertheless, some degree of sorrow more often than not accompanies contrition and repentance. But good and useful … Continue reading

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Atheist gets her PhD in astronomy and astrophysics and finds evidence for God

Originally posted on WINTERY KNIGHT:
Christianity and the progress of science Christian apologist Terrell Clemmons tweeted this testimony by Sarah Salviander, a research scientist in astronomy and astrophysics at the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Salviander writes: I was born in…

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Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
Ocasio-Cortez gets so much media attention because she, and people like her, are Republicans’ only hope of not losing the election in November. Republicans have absolutely no message of their own. None. Voters very…

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Developments in Russia

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
Whether Putin helped Trump or not, Trump clearly hasn’t helped Putin: At the same time, Mr. Putin’s approval rating, still elevated by Western standards, has been sinking. In July it dropped 15 percentage points,…

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