What was the main thing that USA failed to learn after WWII and is costing us so dearly to this very day? [Americans failed to understand that WWII had never really been a victory.]

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The following comes from James C. Juhnke’s & Carol M. Hunter’s, The Missing Peace: The Search for Nonviolent Alternatives in United States History.  The chapter the quote comes from is entitled, “The Cold War: Pyrrhic Victory”. It begins with the subtitle: UNWINNABLE  WARS.

“In 1951, in the face of failures by world powers to create a stable peace out of the wreckage of World War II, George F. Kennan admonished the American people to stop thinking that they had won the war.” [1]

Despite all of the facts, cited throughout this  well written chapter “The Cold War: Pyrrhic Victory”,  since the late 1940s Americans by the millions and millions have been taught that they–or at least the West–won WWII.  The facts which Juhnke and Hunter refers to  include the cost of the world’s largest and most expensive arms race–an arms race which continues to this day.  The facts…

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