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What was the main thing that USA failed to learn after WWII and is costing us so dearly to this very day? [Americans failed to understand that WWII had never really been a victory.]

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The following comes from James C. Juhnke’s & Carol M. Hunter’s, The Missing Peace: The Search for Nonviolent Alternatives in United States History.  The chapter the quote comes from is entitled, “The Cold War: Pyrrhic…

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Hallmarks of the Trinity and God’s Inner Life as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

via Hallmarks of the Trinity and God’s Inner Life as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

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If unborn babies don’t have consciousness or don’t feel pain, may we kill them?

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Unborn baby scheming about pro-life apologetics Was having a conversation by e-mail yesterday with a pro-abortion atheist, and he gave two reasons why he supported abortion in the first and second trimester. First, he said…

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A Look at Messianic Prophecy: Four Ways the New Testament Authors Use the Jewish Scriptures

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Note: Some of this was adopted from the recommended readings here: 1.Fruchtenbaum, A.G, Messianic Christology: A Study of Old Testament Prophecy Concerning the First Coming of the Messiah (Tustin CA: Ariel Ministries, 1998), 146-152. 2. Cooper,…

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Book Review: Abner Chou, The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers

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Chou, Abner. The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers: Learning to Interpret Scripture from the Prophets and Apostles. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Kregel Academic, 2018. 251 pp. Pb. $23.99   Link to Kregel Academic This new monograph from…

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“I do not know whether we can even sleep without falling into debt”

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The Lord puts the parable of the unforgiving debtor before us that we may learn from it. He has no desire for us to die, so he warns us: “This is how your heavenly Father…

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Current Events Write-Up: 8/11/2018

Time for this week’s Current Events Write-Up. The Nation: “How Medicare Was Won,” by Natalie Shure The subtitle says, “The history of the fight for single-payer health care for the elderly and poor should inform today’s movement to win for … Continue reading

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