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One of the Problems With Our Politics

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
The Ohio 12th Congressional District as of 2013. This is the congressional district, the Ohio 12th, in which I live. Do you see the problem? Why would you create a district like this? I…

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43 Important Philosophical Doctrines Christians Need To Know

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
Image source What follows are short definitions of 43 major philosophical doctrines that are almost all relevant to theology and theological truths in some way or form. They are…

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Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
It’s been weeks since the Putin-Trump meeting in Helsinki. The invasion of Mariupol never materialized. I can only conclude that Trump gave Putin nothing. This is real evidence. Everything else is idle social media…

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On losing an election

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I will probably not blog again until next week. Looking at the rest of this week I just see too much travel and activity: a birthday celebration, a baseball game and the State Fair.. I am…

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Derek Leman on the Divine Name/Presence and Deuteronomy

Derek Leman had interesting thoughts in his August 7 Daily Portion.  Deuteronomy frequently states that God has set God’s name to dwell in the sanctuary, rather than saying that God personally dwells there.  Derek, engaging Stephen Cook’s Reading Deuteronomy, offers … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: New Testament Christological Hymns, by Matthew E. Gordley

Matthew E. Gordley.  New Testament Christological Hymns: Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance.  IVP Academic, 2018.  See here to purchase the book. Matthew E. Gordley has a doctorate in theology from the University of Notre Dame.  He has taught at Regent … Continue reading

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Triablogue: Medieval Jewish Polemics

Triablogue: Medieval Jewish Polemics

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Richard Carrier: “Let me dispel a common myth: no, Christianity did not bring the idea of charity to the Western world.”

Richard Carrier: “Let me dispel a common myth: no, Christianity did not bring the idea of charity to the Western world.”

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The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki — OffGuardian

American history can only accurately be described as the story of demonic possession, however you choose to understand that phrase. Maybe radical “evil” will suffice. But right from the start the American colonizers were involved in massive killing because they … Continue reading

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What Will Cause the Next Recession?

Originally posted on International Liberty:
I often discuss the importance of long-run growth and I pontificate endlessly about the policies that will produce better economic performance. But what about short-term fluctuations? Where are we in the so-called business cycle? I…

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