Slavery by Another Name/America’s Original Sin, book reviews

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This post will review 2 books of related content, but the second review is brief. The first book was suggested and lent to me by an acquaintance. It is:

Slavery by Another Name, The Re-enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to WW II by Douglas A. Blackmon. Anchor Books, 2008. Pulitzer Prize winner.

Wow. This book was startling. As I read it, I kept telling my husband about it. After slavery ended, it actually did not end. We all know about the Jim Crow laws that created segregation, but more than that happened. The southern states did a variety of things to keep blacks in their place of so-called inferiority and under control of whites. Really, they practically made it illegal or just difficult for blacks to do much of anything in life by passing laws about employment, by not properly funding black schools, etc. But more than…

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