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Leuchter-the punctuation mark that isn’t there — theoutwardquest

One of the things I try to keep in mind when reading the Bible in English translation is that it will include much that is not there in the Hebrew or Greek. This includes punctuation. And yet I had long … Continue reading

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Socialism or truth

Originally posted on occasional links & commentary:
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, “Murió la Verdad/Truth Has Died” (1814-15) The liberal establishment continues to mourn the death of truth. Everyone else is moving on. Every day, it seems, one or another…

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Mesopotamian Monday: Shalmaneser in Ararat

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
Shalmaneser III (c. 858 – 824 BCE) was a Neo-Assyrian king, known for his military incursions into Syria, Anatolia, and (possibly) the Urartian kingdom. The Urartian kingdom is possible because one of the texts contains…

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Slavery by Another Name/America’s Original Sin, book reviews

Originally posted on Enough Light:
This post will review 2 books of related content, but the second review is brief. The first book was suggested and lent to me by an acquaintance. It is: Slavery by Another Name, The Re-enslavement…

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NYTimes: The High School We Can’t Log Off From

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
A great article about Twitter. Everything I wanted to say about it but so much better. Finally, a talented journalist is writing for NYTimes. I guess people enjoyed their adolescence a lot more than…

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Book Review: Thoughts On Building Strong Towns: Volume III

Originally posted on Edge Induced Cohesion:
Thoughts On Building Strong Towns:  Volume III, by Charles L. Marohn, Jr, et al I had deeply mixed feelings in reading this book, as my thoughts in general on the Strong Towns movement are…

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Book Review: Economics Of Good And Evil

Originally posted on Edge Induced Cohesion:
Economics of Good And Evil:  The Quest For Economic Meaning From Gilgamesh To Wall Street, by Tomas Sedlacek I read this book because it was mentioned so often in a book I read on…

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