Book Review: Rules For Conservative Radicals

Edge Induced Cohesion

Rules For Conservative Radicals: How The Tea Party Movement Can Save America, by Dr. David L. Goetsch & Dr. Archie P. Jones

There is a fundamental and deep disconnect between how liberals see conservatives and how conservatives see themselves. For example, many of my liberal friends endlessly rant about how conservatives (by this, I assume they mean social conservatives like myself) want to “control a woman’s body,” but a read of this slim 90-odd page volume will find nary a single reference to social issues at all–no sexual politics, no references to abortion whatsoever. In fact, the authors of this reference make no specific reference of America’s Christian heritage at all, and only make a few oblique references to religion in contrasting the worldview of Muslim terrorists with our own, as well as the origin of war in our lusts and desires (which is a reference to James 4:1-3…

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