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Triablogue: Life with Trump

Triablogue: Life with Trump

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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say to Authors (and Ten You Should)

Originally posted on Bethany House Fiction:
As Bethany House’s fiction publicist, I hear a lot of horror stories from authors about questions they’re sometimes asked. Below are a few tips for those who might not know what to say when…

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Ten Secrets Bethany House Employees (Almost) Never Tell

Originally posted on Bethany House Fiction:
A few months ago, Becky Wade wrote a blog post called “Ten Secrets Authors (Almost) Never Tell.” It was such a fun glimpse into writers’ lives that I thought I’d do something similar for…

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Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
For once I forgot to turn off the phone, and at 8 am stupid DNC called me in a cheerful voice from the East Coast to ask how many new seats did I think…

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Roger Olson: Literary Christian Fiction: Where Is It? (Some Examples)

Roger Olson: Literary Christian Fiction: Where Is It? (Some Examples)

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Bible Over Brews Podcast Part 2: How to Resist the Constant Failure of Bible Prophecy Pundits — Godawa

If you want to listen to the first part, it can be heard here. We dove into a deep dive of why Bible prophecy about the End Times is VERY important, but not for the reasons you’ve been told. Listen … Continue reading

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Using the Tax Code to Increase Rents and Enrich Landlords

Originally posted on International Liberty:
There’s a problem in California. No, I’m not referring to the punitive tax laws. Nor am I talking about the massive unfunded liabilities for bureaucrat pension. Those are big problems, to be sure, but today’s…

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