The Christian Persecution Complex in America: It’s A Thing.

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In the past few years a number of films represent Christian believers opposing a hostile, anti-Christian world. The film God’s Not Dead (see my review here), for example, has a brave young Christian college student opposing his atheist philosophy professor. The film seems to give viewers the impression that universities are undergirded by anti-Christian sentiments and agendas. It also suggests that university professors are out to disinvest young Christians of their faith. Similarly, the film Persecution has a theme telling of a pastor who is framed by the government for murder. Why? Because he tries to stop the passage of a federal bill to restrict religious freedom.

Claims of persecution extend beyond the Christian entertainment industry. CitizenLink, an influential, socially conservative advocacy group and ministry, covered a story about a small Texas church that acquired an old community center in a residential area and turned it into a church and…

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