Presuppositional Apologetics: One Helpful Approach among Many


shutterstock_1719293301Apologetics is that branch of theology that seeks to provide a reasoned defense of historic Christianity. Through the centuries, Christian thinkers have given consideration to different models or modes for defending the truth of the faith. Thus, today there exists a variety of methods for engaging in the apologetics enterprise: classical, evidential, cumulative case, new Reformed epistemology, and presuppositional.Here I’ll take a closer look at presuppositional apologetics, with a brief appeal to unity as I suggest that its proponents consider the strengths of other methods.

Reflections on Presuppositional Apologetics

I have studied presuppositional apologetics from reading and personally interacting with such scholars as Greg Bahnsen, John Frame, and Vern Poythress. I appreciate all three of these men’s philosophical understanding and their deep commitment to the truth of Scripture and to Reformed theology. I respect that they endeavor to allow Scripture to guide their apologetics approach. I also appreciate their constant…

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