Two Perspectives on Women in the Gospel Resurrection Narratives

A Christian apologetic argument is that the Gospels’ resurrection narratives are historically accurate because they depict women as the first witnesses to the risen Jesus.  According to this argument, the authors of the narratives would not have made that up because women’s testimony was distrusted in the ancient world.

Here are two perspectives.  Richard Carrier is an atheist, and he disputes the Christian apologetic argument, presenting indications from primary sources that women’s testimony was accepted in the ancient world.

Richard Bauckham does not necessarily address the Christian apologetic argument, but he does raise considerations that are relevant to it.  There was a strong belief in the ancient world that women were superstitious, especially about religious matters.  At the same time, Pseudo-Philo somewhat runs against that grain, and, even in some of the Gospels, the disciples initially think that there is at least something to the women’s testimony, since they go to check it out.

Richard Carrier: Did No One Trust Women?

Richard Bauckham: The Women at the Tomb: The Credibility of Their Story


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