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Some Thoughts On The Relationship Between Climate And Civilization

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Before our highly politicized times, it was once imagined that the weather was a safe topic of conversation [1].  Obviously that is no longer the case.  The fault for this extends in at least…

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Review: Faith Across the Multiverse

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Faith Across the Multiverse: Parables from Modern Science, Andy Walsh. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2018. Summary: Explores how science, particularly math, physics, biology, and computer science, might illuminate one’s understanding of the Bible and…

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Church Write-Up: Sidetracked, I John 2:18-3:3, Plagues and Those Wanting a Republican Pastor

Here are some items for this week’s Church Write-Up: A.  At the LCMS church, the pastor preached about Mark 6:45-56.  The disciples were in a boat out in the sea, and the wind was especially strong, so strong that they … Continue reading

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Two Perspectives on Women in the Gospel Resurrection Narratives

A Christian apologetic argument is that the Gospels’ resurrection narratives are historically accurate because they depict women as the first witnesses to the risen Jesus.  According to this argument, the authors of the narratives would not have made that up … Continue reading

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