Book Review: On The Unity Of Christ

Edge Induced Cohesion

On The Unity Of Christ, by St. Cyril of Alexandria

Being a reader deeply interested in the Monophysite controversy, which is a deeply obscure one even if it had momentous historical consequences for Christendom in the Middle East, sometimes means reading material that is of great importance but not necessarily well known [1].  In the case of this particular book, the context of the book is as important as its contents.  The occasion for the writing of this deeply entertaining rhetorical exercise was the dispute over Nestorian beliefs that posited two separate natures of Jesus Christ.  The author, of course, represented what was then an orthodox perspective of defending the unity of Christ against the heretical division between Christ as human being and as son of God.  Unfortunately, though, for Christendom in Egypt as a whole, the author’s own political issues meant that his triumph against his opponents in the…

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