Lost Sources that We Wish We Had

The Jesus Memoirs

A long time ago, there was a meme circulating among the biblioblogs about lost ancient sources that we wish we could recover, but I could not find some of these older posts when I typed this into a google search. I wonder what would be on your list (also note that I am not presuming any of these hypothetical sources exist but it would certainly shed some light if we discovered some source like them):

  • J, E, D, and P or whatever lost sources underlie the Pentateuch?
  • Q, M, L, other collections (sayings, pronouncement stories, miracles), signs source, passion narrative, the Logos hymn, proto-Gospels, or whatever sources underlie our New Testament Gospels?
  • Lost Gospels such as the Gospel according to the Hebrews.
  • Lost Epistles such as Paul’s “letter of tears” to the Corinthians or his letter to the Laodiceans.
  • Lost Patristic sources such as the Exposition of the Oracles…

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