Leuchter-Jeroboam’s turn to the occult


The Hebrew word elohim means God most of the time in the Bible. It is plural but in some way the plural refers to the limitless nature of God. The Hebrew word for water is plural too—waters. The vastness of the ocean is probably behind this. But like elohim it is used as a singular.

However, there are some strange uses of elohim, especially where more ancient material gets past the theological filters of the Deuteronomists and late priests. One of those places is in the story of Saul consulting a spiritualist. When she calls up Samuel from the grave, she says “I see a god (elohim) coming up out of the earth” (1 Samuel 28:13).

In connection with spiritualism, this use apparently occurs again in Isaiah 8:19 which the NRSV renders:

Now if people say to you, “Consult the ghosts and the familiar spirits…

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