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Triablogue: Countdown to judgment

Triablogue: Countdown to judgment

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Libertarians on the Prairie – A Reviewish Bit of Bloggetry

Originally posted on northierthanthou:
Libertarians on the Prairie Back in college, I remember a few of my professors speaking ironically about the image of Little House on the Prairie. That the story didn’t exactly match the realities of western expansion…

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Remembering and Forgetting, Depression, and the Healing of Memories

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
Back when I was in seminary, I was introduced to what was then called the ministry of inner healing or the healing of memories. Numerous books were written on the subject, notably by Agnes Sanford,…

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Examining Teleological (Consequentialist) Ethics

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
Teleological ethics (also known as Consequentialism) comes from the Greek word “telos” which means goal. It argues that the moral rightness of an action is determined by the maximization…

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Review: Consent on Campus

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Consent on Campus: A Manifesto, Donna Freitas. New York: Oxford University Press, (forthcoming, August 1) 2018. Summary: An argument that current approaches to consent education as an approach to combating sexual assault on campus are…

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“Maimonides’ theological principles were never unanimously embraced”

“Maimonides’ theological principles were never unanimously embraced.”

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Book Write-Up: The Conservative Mind, by Russell Kirk

Russell Kirk.  The Conservative Mind.  BN Publishing, 2008.   See here to purchase the book. Russell Kirk was a twentieth century conservative thinker.  The Conservative Mind was originally published in 1953.  In this book, Kirk profiles conservative thought in Britain and … Continue reading

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