Book Review: God’s Canon

Edge Induced Cohesion

God’s Canon, by Steve Hays

As someone who has read with some disapproval about the rule of faith [1] and has some decided views on the way in which the Bible was instantly canonized by the Apostles [2], I liked this book a lot.  This is a short book, and it could have stood to be longer, but it was at least something that I could wholeheartedly appreciate.  Given the Protestant belief in sola scriptura, having a firm understanding of the canon of scripture and its apostolic origin and even the internal evidence for coherence as a unified work are of the utmost importance, especially given the Protestant refusal to accept the Catholic view of an infallible magisterium.  If you understood the previous sentence, you probably would enjoy this book, whether or not you agree with the author’s point of view or not, but if you did not understand the…

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