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Book Review: John M. Frame, Christianity Considered: A Guide for Skeptics and Seekers

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Frame, John M. Christianity Considered: A Guide for Skeptics and Seekers. Bellingham, Wash.: Lexham Press, 2018. 140 pp.; Pb.  $12.99  Link to Lexham Press This short book covers a wide range of issues which may…

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The Uncontrollable Lion God of Dialectical Theology Rather than the Deus Ex Machina: Disdaining Natural Theology Because of Jesus — The Evangelical Calvinist

Natural theology continues to be a pariah for me, and I’d imagine always will be! I don’t think I can emphasize how much I disdain natural theology; although this hasn’t always been the case. Before I could disdain it I … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Exposing Universalism, by James B. De Young

James B. De Young.  Exposing Universalism: A Comprehensive Guide to the Faulty Appeals Made by Universalists Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Others Past and Present to Promote a New Kind of Christianity.  Resource Publications (Imprint of Wipf and … Continue reading

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Book Review: God’s Canon

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God’s Canon, by Steve Hays As someone who has read with some disapproval about the rule of faith [1] and has some decided views on the way in which the Bible was instantly canonized…

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