Did Trump Commit Treason in Helsinki?

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The foaming at the mouth over entirely anodyne comments Trump made in Helsinki should be prompting us to ask what it is the shriekers are trying to conceal. Some idiot wrote that “Trump betrayed every American citizen” yesterday.

It’s unclear what Trump could have done to avoid being accused of this massive betrayal. Sock Putin in the face? Enter into a childish game of “Yes, you did! – No, I didn’t! – You did, too!”? Fall on his knees and wail, “I recognize I only won because of your help. Hillary is the true president!”?

Merkel and Macron wait for Putin to come to meetings for hours.* They are well-aware that he tried manipulating elections in their countries AGAINST them. Yet they smile, shake his hand, and say thank you and please. And unlike Trump they promote Putin’s financial interests. Ukrainian president Poroshenko meets with Putin, shakes his hand, and…

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