Current Events Write-Up: 7/7/2018

Time for my weekly Current Events Write-Up!

The Federalist: “Why Americans Should Care about Mexico’s Presidential Election,” by Helen Raleigh

Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected President of Mexico this week!  I first learned about him from this article by Helen Raleigh.  The article is critical of him, and maybe his policies will have downsides.  Still, I respected him as I read this article, particularly his populism and his desire to move Mexico towards economic independence.  Raleigh talks about the effects that his election can have on illegal immigration to the United States.  She has written a book about immigration entitled The Broken Welcome Mat, in which she proposes solutions.  I hope to read it soon.

The Federalist: “Potential Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Has a Troubling Record on Religious Liberty,” by Anonymous

Brett Kavanaugh is one of the people on the list to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Some social conservatives have not warmed up to him.  This article critiques his conclusions in certain religious freedom cases, as well as the legal reasoning that led him to those conclusions.

Townhall: “Trump Needs Allies to Usher In a New World Order,” by Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a conservative who hopes that President Trump does not sound the war drum against Russia and Iran.  On Russia, she is optimistic: even war hawk John Bolton is attempting to quiet fears about Russia!  On Iran, she is a little more pessimistic.

HuffPost: “How A Populist Europe In Thrall To Russia Threatens Climate Change Action,” by Arthur Neslen

Marsden mentioned an area in which Germany and Russia are cooperating.  Nelsen sees examples of Russian cooperation with some of the other European countries, and he does not believe this bodes well for attempts to take action on climate change.

Christian Research Institute: “Theology of Morgan Freeman”

This podcast episode evaluates Morgan Freeman’s television series, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.  It critiques aspects of Freeman’s beliefs and presentation, but it also finds things to praise.

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