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Church Write-Up: Atonement and Paraclete, Logos and Meaninglessness

Here are some items for my Church Write-Up about last Sunday’s services.  I attended the LCMS church and what I call the “Word of Faith” church. A.  The atonement came up in both services.  The pastor of the LCMS church … Continue reading

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High Ground — Clarissa’s Blog

The people I don’t get are the ones who are arguing over which side started the family separations (or laid the groundwork, or made the first tentative move in that direction, etc.) At this point, nobody yet knows how to … Continue reading

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Current Events Write-Up: 6/23/2018

From November 2016 to April 2017, my blog had a weekly “Current Events Write-Up,” in which I would link to news and opinion pieces and comment on them.  I have decided to revive that today. My method will be a … Continue reading

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Divine Command Theory and Moral Arguments for the Existence of God — Philosophy of Religion blog

In general, moral arguments for God presuppose divine command theory (DCT). What I’ve noticed, however, is that philosophers tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to the relationship between DCT and moral arguments for God (MAFG). Common Mistakes … Continue reading

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Preach like a girl! — Enough Light

I am trying to get a hashtag going on twitter of #PreachLikeAGirl, where female preachers share a link to a sermon – whether they preach regularly or on occasion. In this post, I share several audio or video links from … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis and Kierkegaard

Originally posted on Mere Inkling Press:
The diary of Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, includes some revealing insights into the life of a writer . . . words that I suspect may echo your own experience. While I would never turn…

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Can You Make A Living at Book Reviewing?

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Thad Zajdowicz, “Book Review,” Public Domain via Flickr It seems that this is a question being asked even among the elite reviewers of the National Book Critics Circle. Julia M. Kline spoke on a…

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Givenness and Revelation

Originally posted on Theology Forum:
“There is revelation not because paths have been made straight, the valleys filled, the hills made low, and everything straightened that was winding (Lk. 3:4, quoting Is. 40:3-5), as just so many preliminary conditions to…

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Book Write-Up: Return to Bella Terra, by MaryAnn Diorio

MaryAnn Diorio.  Return to Bella Terra.  TopNotch Press, 2017.  See here to buy the book. Return to Bella Terra is the third book of MaryAnn Diorio’s “Italian Chronicles.” I am wondering how to dive into this review, so what I … Continue reading

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Current Events: Opposing Views on the Detention Controversy

Here are two perspectives on the current detention controversy.  The first is from the Breitbart site, which defends Trump.  The second is from Media Matters, which criticizes Trump.  They’re well-organized and easy to read. Breitbart: 13 Facts the Media ‘Pros’ … Continue reading

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