Hamor the Hivite


My guess in my last post hinting that the Hivites at Gibeon arrived from the southeast corner of Anatolia in the 12 century BCE seems to disagree with the notion that Hamor the Hivite is the founder of Shechem. The story in Genesis 34 puts this event in the time of the patriarch, Jacob, and long before the 12th century.

However, there was a proto-story behind Genesis 34. David Frankel thinks the proto-story did not include the violation of Dinah or the role of Levi and Simeon. See here.

I wonder whether the proto-story included “Hamor the Hivite”. There are a couple of other mentions of Hamor in Joshua 24:32 and Judges 9:28. These and Genesis 33:19, say that Hamor was the father of Shechem. But the “sons of Hamor” who sold land to Jacob do not include an individual named Shechem (in our edited version of Genesis 34…

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