Book Review: What Has Government Done To Our Money?

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Edge Induced Cohesion

What Has Government Done To Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard

The answer to this question is somewhat obvious.  What has government done to our money?  Screw it up.  And that is precisely the answer gives in this modest book of about 100 pages.  As someone who has thought and even occasionally read about the problem of currencies [1], I do not find the author’s arguments in favor of the gold standard particularly persuasive.  That said, I do find the author’s comments about the way that government has screwed up monetary policy as effectively as it has screwed up every other aspect of human life very persuasive.  Indeed, one wonders if currency reform in general is just a fig leaf to cover the general libertarian ideal to gut government in general and keep it to very narrow boundaries.  And while I am no libertarian myself, I certainly understand that governments…

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