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How a deep and growing divide is killing Protestant christianity – or maybe renewing it! — the Way?

Reblogging for future reference: Right from the earliest days, there have always been disagreements within the christian community. Some are resolved, but some lead to major splits, new denominations or new doctrinal positions. I have the feeling that a major, … Continue reading

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Lessons from Europe on Welfare, Dependency, and Self-Reliance — International Liberty

Reblogging for future reference and for the information, not total agreement: America has a major dependency problem. In recent decades, there’s been a significant increase in the number of working-age adults relying on handouts. This is bad news for poor … Continue reading

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How Did Schaeffer’s Apologetics Differ from Van Til’s Presuppositionalism? (VIDEO)

Originally posted on Human Action and God:
A Facebook friend shared this video with me. About 42 minutes into the video, Francis A Schaeffer explains how his apologetic method differs from that of his teacher, Cornelius van Til.

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Church Write-Up: Vicissitudes, Unclean Lips, Forgiveness in II Corinthians 3-5

Here is my Write-Up about last Sunday’s church services and events. A.  The pastor at the Missouri Synod Lutheran church covered some of the same ground about Isaiah 6 that he discussed in the Wednesday Bible study, which I talk … Continue reading

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