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Henze-resurrection and apocalypse — theoutwardquest

The resurrection of the dead is an important doctrine in the New Testament, but support for the doctrine in the Old Testament is ambiguous. In fact a some passages explicitly deny resurrection: The dead shall not live. The departed spirits … Continue reading

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A Note on the Christian Conception of the Relationship Between Church and State: A Christopolitical Dispatch — The Evangelical Calvinist

Theo-politics have been somewhat of an uninterrogated reality for me. As a conservative evangelical, growing up, I sloppily and haphazardly went the way of the Republican party as “the lesser of two-evils” in our representative government in North America. As … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: From Jerusalem to Timbuktu, by Brian C. Stiller

Brian C. Stiller.  From Jerusalem to Timbuktu: A World Tour of the Spread of Christianity.  IVP Books, 2018.  See here to purchase the book. Brian C. Stiller serves the World Evangelical Alliance as a global ambassador.  He was President of … Continue reading

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