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Apologist Demeanors: Are You a Patton or a Bradley?

Originally posted on Reflections:
Have you ever seen the movie Patton? Actor George C. Scott won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his amazing portrayal of the bold, opinionated, and flamboyant General George Patton. General Patton was not only a…

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New Studies in Biblical Theology

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Yesterday, I reviewed W. Ross Blackburn’s The God Who Makes Himself Known. This is one of forty-four volumes currently in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series (with more forthcoming) jointly published by the…

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Church Write-Up: Reanimating the Demoralized, Forgiveness in II Corinthians 1-7, Zacchaeus the Son of Abraham, Joshuas

Here are some items from the church services and activities that I attended last Sunday. A.  Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday.  The pastor at the Missouri Synod Lutheran church was preaching about Ezekiel 37, which is about the valley of … Continue reading

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Michael Kok: Ananias and Sapphira

In Acts 2:43-47 and 4:32-35, there is an idyllic picture of the Jerusalem Church. All its members share their food and fellowship together, witness the miracles performed by the apostles, and voluntarily sell all of their possessions and redistribute the … Continue reading

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