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The Book of Judges in Pseudo-Philo (LAB)

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum is a Second Temple period collection of biblical expansions. These are not quite “alternate histories” but rather attempts to fill-in-the-gaps left by some of the stories in the Hebrew Bible. Joshua and Judges…

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Are Trinitarians Polytheists? — Eclectic Orthodoxy

If Father, Son, and Spirit are each divine, then why are they not three gods? We are finally prepared to look more closely at St Gregory of Nyssa’s provocative answer in his Ad Ablabium. As we have seen, Gregory has … Continue reading

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Personal Jesus Theology: A Small Primer on the History and Development of Reformed Theology — The Evangelical Calvinist

You may grow tired, you might be wearied by my constant references to the history of Calvinism and the Reformed tradition, but check the name of my blog. I don’t do this gratuitously though, it comes from a heart that … Continue reading

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