Henze-the gap between the Old Testament and Jesus


I am beginning to read Mind the Gap: How the Jewish Writings Between the Old and New Testament Help Us Understand Jesus by Matthias Henze.

(My preferred term is not the Old Testament.  I usually use the term: the Hebrew Bible.  But since Henze uses Old Testament, it may be less confusing if I do too when talking about his book.)

The introduction articulates the reason for this book. Many Christians come to the New Testament with a view of the Jewish religion that comes from the Old Testament. But the religion of the Old Testament was not exactly the religion of Jesus.

While in the New Testament, Jesus studies and teaches in the synagogues, there are no synagogues in the Old Testament. While in the New Testament, Jesus’s disciples call him rabbi, there are no rabbis in the Old Testament. While in the New Testament, Jesus is often involved…

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