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Ancient Nations in the Bible — Wascana Fellowship

Reblogging for future reference (not necessarily agreement): The TV show Creation Magazine Live is a surprising source of information designed to answer questions about creation and evolution. An episode we watched as a group introduced us to the origins of … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig debates James Crossley on the resurrection of Jesus — WINTERY KNIGHT

This is my favorite debate on the resurrection. You can watch the debate here: The MP3 file can be obtained from Apologetics 315. There is not much snark in this summary, because Crossley is a solid scholar, and very fair … Continue reading

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Bob on Books: Sandra Lee Scheuer

This past week marked another May 4th. Not Star Wars day for me, but the 48th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State the took the lives of four students and wounded nine. This year, the site of the shootings … Continue reading

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