Consider the Ostrich: Literal-Day Creationists Unsure about the Ostrich’s Created Condition

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Ostriches are curious creatures. They are very large birds that, although they have large wings, are incapable of flight. They make themselves at home in some of the most inhospitable places.  They lay their eggs in simple dirt nests and behave in ways that have perplexed our ancestors since they first laid eyes on them.  In several previous posts (Theistic Models of Ostrich Origins and Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and God’s Commentary on Creation) we have focused on the ostrich, and specifically the descriptions of the ostrich in the book of Job, to explore questions about biological diversity.  We have been especially interested in asking how Christians might discern what God has revealed to us about the original condition of the ostrich.

If you have read our previous discussion about Job and the initial state of birds you may think that we have avoided the most straightforward…

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