Assuming the exodus happened–where and when?


They traveled from Etham, and turned back to Pihahiroth, which is before Baal Zephon: and they encamped before Migdol (Numbers 33:7 WEB).

Before I move on to more about the books I have been reading by James Hoffmeier and Robert Gnuse, I want to stop and deal with something that interests me: the geography and date of the sea crossing episode of the exodus.

Hoffmeier is doing archeological work on the series of forts just east of the Nile Delta that ancient Egypt maintained to guard against invasion from the north.  He has excavated one at Tell-el Borg.  Just a few miles on from there is one that he is probably correct to identify as Migdol.  There is also an old canal trace in the area.  So he is pretty certain that Pi-hahiroth is right there too. (Pi-hahiroth seems to mean “the mouth of the canal”.)  The other place name…

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