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Roger Olson: Was James Cone a Prophet?


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Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream — Wascana Fellowship

Reblogging for future reference: Not long ago a friend suggested I watch an hour-long documentary titled king Nebuchadnezzar, The Forgotten Dream on YouTube. The documentary provides good background to the dating of the events the second chapter of the biblical … Continue reading

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Who is the “Great Whore of Babylon”? Revelation 17:1-18

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The woman in Revelation 17 is riding a “scarlet beast.” We might have expected to see the beast himself, or the king who represents the beast.  Rather than the king, we see a prostitute riding…

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Assuming the exodus happened–where and when?

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They traveled from Etham, and turned back to Pihahiroth, which is before Baal Zephon: and they encamped before Migdol (Numbers 33:7 WEB). Before I move on to more about the books I have been reading by…

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Is Alexander Hamilton the Real Libertarian Hero, not Thomas Jefferson?

Originally posted on International Liberty:
Like many libertarians, I’ve always assumed that Thomas Jefferson was one of the best Founding Fathers. He certainly was an advocate of liberty and I’ve cited him several times (see here, here, here, here, here,…

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Church Write-Up: Spring Prayer Retreat 2018

I will write my Church Write-Up about the Sunday services this coming Wednesday.  In this post, I will write about a prayer retreat that I attended last Saturday morning.  It was at the Missouri Synod Lutheran church that I have … Continue reading

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