Response to ‘Capturing Christianity’ on “The Conflict Between Natural Theology and Skeptical Theism”

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Cameron Bertuzzi of “Capturing Christianity” recently wrote an interesting post on the alleged conflict between skeptical theism and natural theology (i.e. arguments for God’s existence).

Undergirding the skeptical theist position is the idea that (on classical theism) God’s reasons for allowing and doing various things, especially in particular instances, are unknown. There are various forms of skeptical theism, and one of the most common formulations (as mentioned by Cameron) claims that our knowledge of goods and evils is not representative of all the goods and evils that there really are. Hence, the fact that we can’t see why God allow so much horrendous suffering, isn’t a reason to think that God doesn’t have a good reason.

Some Worries

One of the problems I have with Cameron’s post is the claim that if skeptical theism undermines arguments for God, then the effect is limited to only a few arguments like (inductive) arguments…

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