Gnuse-situating E after the northern exile


When I last wrote about Robert Karl Gnuse’s book on The Elohist, he had argued that the circles that produced the stories about Elijah and Elisha must have been composed earlier than the Elohist because they tell strange, incredible tales. By earlier, he means at least a century earlier.

This argument sounds impressive. But I think about the present day.  I am aware of a Pentecostal culture where contemporary people tell all kinds of stories about current revelations from God, demon possession and exorcism, and even recent resurrections from the dead. These circles are not centuries apart from communities more defined by modernity. The credulous and the skeptical exist at the same time.

My point is that such differences do not require different centuries, just different communities and cultures.

If the Elijah and Elisha cycles originated with itinerant bands of charismatic prophets and the Elohist source came from a…

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