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Like Father, Like Son? Christoph Barth’s OT Theology — Biblical Reasoning

Christoph Barth (1917-1986), son of the renowned Karl and brother of the relatively well-known Markus, is the lesser-known Barth of the family. A respected scholar in his own right, he spent much of his time teaching in Indonesia and published … Continue reading

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Revelation 8 – The Trumpets and the Plagues of Exodus — Reading Acts

There are a remarkable number of parallels between this series of judgments and the ten plagues in Exodus. For example, trumpets are associated with the theophany at Sinai (Exod 19:13-19; 20:18). The first trumpet judgment is similar to Exodus 9:13-25, … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: The “Other Sheep” (John 10:16)

At the Missouri Synod Lutheran church’s Bible study this week, the pastor was talking about John 10, in which Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd.  In v 16, Jesus states: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this … Continue reading

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