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Why are Dan and Ephraim Missing in Revelation 7?

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
The tribes of Dan and Ephraim had some significant problems in the history of Israel. While Dan himself does not commit any great sin in Genesis (as do the sons of Leah). The blessing of…

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Book Write-Up: Seekers, by R.A. Denny

R.A. Denny.  Seekers (Mud, Rocks, and Trees, Book 2).  Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017.  See here to buy the book. Seekers is the second book of R.A. Denny’s “Mud, Rocks, and Trees” series.  Zoltov is the evil ruler of Tzoladia, … Continue reading

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Woman Wisdom and the Johannine Logos

Originally posted on The Jesus Memoirs:
One thing that you may have noticed if you read through the prologue of John’s Gospel (1:1-18) is that John did not use the feminine term sophia (wisdom) but the masculine term logos (word, message, reason). However,…

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